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    Tony Vaught established Professional Aquaculture Services (PAS) in April of 1988. The primary activities of the company include the production, sale, and distribution of fin fish as well as consulting and marketing services. Fish such as channel catfish, striped bass, sturgeon, Sacramento blackfish, and largemouth bass are produced and sold.

    Tony has been involved in the aquaculture industry since 1978. He managed the Chico Game Fish Farm until 1985 and was general manager of Arrowhead Fisheries from June 1985 until October 1987. He then formed Professional Aquaculture Services in the spring of 1988. He taught several short courses at California State University, Chico, Butte Community College, and Lassen College on the subject of aquaculture.

    Tony has also been involved with the University of California at Davis Research and Cooperative extension workshops.

    In addition to being President of the California Aquaculture Association (CAA), Tony has also served on the board of directors of CAA for the past 40 years. He serves as Co-Chair of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Aquaculture Industry Advisory Committee and sits on the advisory committee for the Ocean Resource Enhancement Hatchery Program (OREHP).

    Mr. Vaught is also a recipient of the Joseph P. McCraren Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to the Aquaculture Industry Award.

    Tony Vaught has been instrumental in developing new techniques for the domestication and spawning of channel catfish, sturgeon, and striped bass. Most notably, Tony has produced the first domestic striped bass in the Western United States.

    PAS markets to:

    • Federal or state enhancement projects
    • Private lakes or ponds
    • Other fish farms
    • Export of fry and fingerlings
    • Marketing and consulting services
    • Live fish markets in large metropolitan areas

    PAS is always looking to develop additional facilities to produce aquaculture products. The ability to reuse water from fish production in the irrigation of conventional row and tree crops offers an excellent opportunity for existing farms to diversify. The large market for fish and the availability of technical, management, and marketing assistance from PAS makes small production sites economically feasible. One of Mr. Vaught’s specialties is new and existing Aquaculture site evaluations.

    We welcome all domestic and foreign business and have international experience with Chile, Italy, Taiwan, and others countries.